• Kayser, Exercise 5
    • Practice Notes: take your time to learn the notes first, there are many accidentals (sharps, flats, naturals). The top of the piece is labeled Allegro Vivace, which means fast, so when you are ready, take it at the correct tempo. Challenge yourself with a metronome! The goal is to play spiccato (off string). Practice notes are adapted from this video.
    • Lost your copy? Find a copy of it HERE to print.
  • Dont, 24 Exercise 2
    • Practice Notes: As above, take your time learning the notes first, paying attention to accidentals and taking in sections. I most likely will split it up into sections for you each lesson. The goal for this exercise is bowing, placing slurs and staccatos side by side.
    • Lost yours? HERE’S a copy to print
  • Physical Exercises!
    • for double jointed finger issues, check this video out